Tunjukkan catatan dari Februari 17, 2013

love is special

"Wahai Allah, EngkauadalahTuhanku....Tiada tuhantetapi Anda..Anda sukaagungku..Nabi MuhammadPesuruh. "


Nasyid bytes above Quturunnada group often reminds us to the true nature of love. For me personally, meanings and rhythms brought by this Qutrunnada really touches the soul let alone in the middle of rally-style antiphonal rhythm of the contemporary world KRU nasyid present.

Talking about love, certainly not the last of our discussions will love monkey world decorated the young people today. In fact, no exaggeration to note, that pespektif community of love. S the kind of love while the perpetrators often pushed towards disobey Allah. Muddy is that really love?What is love really? Love actually fulfills a number of statistics of human nature.

Without the definition of love as an expression of the instinct to recognizing the orbit of an object with an appreciation of reality and human existence will hinder proper growth.Arts based runtutan love nature without b…