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love is special

"Wahai Allah, Engkau adalah Tuhanku .. .. Tiada tuhan tetapi Anda .. Anda suka agungku ..Nabi Muhammad Pesuruh. "


 Nasyid bytes above Quturunnada group often reminds us to the true nature of love. For me personally, meanings and rhythms brought by this Qutrunnada really touches the soul let alone in the middle of rally-style antiphonal rhythm of the contemporary world KRU nasyid present. 

Talking about love, certainly not the last of our discussions will love monkey world decorated the young people today. In fact, no exaggeration to note, that pespektif community of love. S the kind of love while the perpetrators often pushed towards disobey Allah. Muddy is that really love?What is love really? Love actually fulfills a number of statistics of human nature.  

Without the definition of love as an expression of the instinct to recognizing the orbit of an object with an appreciation of reality and human existence will hinder proper growth.Arts based runtutan love nature without being molested by air orgasm is a logo peace, peace and tranquility. But love is often manipulated to  passion lust and depravity laknatullah demons.

 For the progress of mankind, we must deal with the phenomenon of love pure ideology and faith who are committed to God.

 Love problems faced seriously by Muslims today. Collisions between true love and false love makes Muslims face the dilemma of chronic feelings. Crisis false love memapah Muslims to destroy fields of ethics clash-kill spiritual solidarity and social taint.Individual believer should be sensitive to the presence of love in the soul.  

 love lust and orgasm simply just full of false love disgusted and humiliated. Recognizing this fact

, I tried to talk about love courage briefly Islamic point of view. Let alone in a community youth in particular deceived by propaganda February 14 supposedly is valentines day. Then talk about love sibuklah world that is more geared to love profanity themed toys altogether feeling deviant from Islamic requirements.May Allah reward you for this small effort in cleaning up the soul with youths from any game feeling will only mislead mind. What Love Positions In Islam?Is Islam hostile to love? Is such a religion deemed cruel nature meet? Actually, .  

In fact, Islam looked up the question of love is certainly empathize with the feelings and the nature of which every human instinct. However, love in Islam have to go through various stages of its own priorities:1. Love to AllahIslam put love highest in human kehiudupan is the love of God. Height value taqarrub Khaliq Al-Abid to be detected through their pure love of the Creator. Without the love of God slave treatment has not yielded mean when what became the cornerstone of Islam is to know and and love of God. Love is kind of radiation will lead slaves to act sincerely in sanctuary devotion to God and produce light, sound.Allah says: "..

 (Even so), there are also the people who take other than Allah (to be) allies (God), they love him, (revere and obey him) as they love Allah are the ones who believe more in love (obedience) to Allah ... "(Surah Al-Baqarah, verse: 165)Have the love of God should be the pride of greatness because the individual believer and integrity, courtesy Nya.Namun be a difficulty to gain the love of God without devotion to his right lead. God's love is like a top award and is unlikely anyone could have it unless preceded by costly sacrifices. Love of God is the main condition to put yourself in the line of fighters' Allah SWT.Allah says (which means): ".. O ye who believe! Any of you turn back from his (Faith), then Allah will bring a people whom He loves them and they love Him, they were humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers ... 

"(Surah Al-Maidah, verse 54) 
2. To love the Prophet SAW and anbiya'Apabila human being in darkness is rife, it sends a very bright torch bearer for  mankind towards the path of truth. Love, the torch bearer had begelumang with mud so thick and not resist a bit of insult to execute tasks so mulia. torch is the Prophet.  

There is a responsibility to each claiming to be a Muslim to give his love to the Prophet and the AMBIYA '. Because of this love, life companions willing to pay to make their own body as a shield to defend the Prophet.In a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, says: Anas reported: The Prophet said: Three things, if there are in a person that is characterized by them will relish the sweetness of faith: Any person who loves Allah and His Messenger more than the other two , just as the love of a God, not like back to infidelity after Allah has rescued him from paganism, as he also did not like being cast into Hell. (Bukhari, no. 15, Muslim: no. 60th, Tirmizi: no. 2,548 Nasaie: no . 4,901)However, in our current climate so far with the Prophet in terms of time, do not get another chance for us to give love to the Prophet Muhammad? Even the Prophet has left us far behind, for love of him can  through obedience and the love of his traditions.

 Therefore, people who despised even mocking-ngejek sunnah of the Prophet would not be considered a person who loves the Prophet.3. Love Each Other MukminInteraksi love among believers is a major conduit for channeling the concept of brotherhood is so strong. Love this fellow believer who taught people to love his parents. Even the means to disobey parents love to keduana unlock online is a great sin as mentioned in a hadith narrated by Abu Bakrah, said: "While we were with the Prophet, he said: Shall I not inform you about the greatest sin : It's three things, namely claiming partners with Allah, disobedience to parents, false testimony or false words .. 

"(Hadith narrated by Bukhari, no. 5519, Muslim: no. 126)How beautiful a religion that teaches its followers to respect and love the parents who have gone through laborious to raise their children. Where is the beauty of the more striking than those found in Islam teaches its followers to order: ".. And lower thy wing to them the compassion and affections, and pray (for them, saying):" O my Lord! ! Cucurilah mercy on them both as they have put in to preserve and mendidikku affection as a child. "(Surah Isra, verse 24)Apart from the love of both parents, the Islamic charity also put berimana believer as a condition to an assembly or congregation who qualify for the Prophet Muhammad. Ponder the depth of meaning Allah says: ".. the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but Islam), and should be loving and compassionate sorry to each other (Muslims) ..
 (Surat al-Fath, verse 29)

 In fact, the Qur'an itself citing the rave reviews given by God to the Ansar who evidently love came, with pure love that is based on divine revelation. Even in times of hunger though, remains a priority given to their brothers from golongn Muhajir. Allah says which means: ".. And the people (Ansar) who lived there (early) and the faith before them, love those who emigrate to their country, and entertain no desire in their hearts for things that have been given to those emigrants, and they also give priority to those who give them preference over themselves, even though they were in a state of lack and very needy. .. 

"(Surah Al-HASHR, verse 9) 

Is this not taught by Islam? But amid criticism that was thrown at Islamic terrorism today, why the international community did not even Muslims themselves see that the nobility of love and romance elements present in Islam? However, the nobility of love in Islam, as Islam itself rests his great care of his people so that in no way tarnish the purity of love with love nafsu.Itulah impurities in Islam. It can not not be founded on the basis of faith in God. What a loss of love that run from the path of faith. Will souls  himself to be treated by the 'devil in love' with impunity and fancies Love Junior World: rending tragedy there are people who can claim him escape from the toy feeling. Provided that it is called human, then all at once he will try to play a sea of ​​violent passions are so strong wavy. One of these is love toys.Not a few people who fall for this attempt. During the construction phase of the question to talk of 'love Lutong', As-Syauqi ever praise: True said Syauqi, Lutong love begins with eye toy that has no boundaries, it is then followed by a voice cry and mutual respect. Reaches that level, it is very difficult for couples in love to not meet and berdating thus exposing themselves to greater action. That is why, Islam in keeping purity of love tainted by lust elements restrain a Muslim and Muslim opinion

.Allah says which means: ".. Say (O Muhammad) to the believing men that they cast down their (must ordinarily), and guard their modesty. That makes for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do ... "(Surat an-Nur, verse 30)

 Lutong love how dangerous this can be seen when couples , he will not be able to think sensibly again. Every second and elapsed time will not be lonely than ponder their love. Every second, the soul is no longer able to calm if not didodoikan with subtle and soft voice that spoke these words fit only be heard in the nets. Already doomed ambition and struggle are melting expectations of society were loaded on the shoulders, only the satisfaction of the requirements of their respective spouses. Thus, at this moment, the drift  is expected to take responsibility to guide the community perform important tasks 

What is the solution to this problem? The best path is marriage.Prophet Muhammad once said, which means: "O young men ..! Any of you who have had the outward and inner capacity to marry, let him marry. Indeed, the marriage can take care of eyes and chaste. So anyone who can not afford, let him fast because fasting is to control the fortress lust .. "

(Bukhari, no. 1772, Muslim, no. 2,485)Apart from the wedding of course is almost impossible thing in the world to implement a seeker of knowledge, then the Prophet's proposed fast as the best way to escape from the constraints struggled passions. In addition, the same Islam-never open another door.Apart from the wedding, inevitably, but control of the soul capable of saving themselves from also fall in love lutong.Sesungguhnya tidal wave of love before marriage is a fake love even adorned with subtle appeals but it is the call to the valley of doom! And despite the emptiness of love literally 

Lutong is suffering and loneliness that so great, but that is actually the true love of God. Had heart decorated with Satan appeals often invited to entertain the feeling, then the there great ambition to contribute to higher education as a field of Islamic Jihad and perjuangan.Percayalah, youth are blessed by God is all gone in life. It will not happen again for a second or subsequent. Teens moved carefully and set aside feelings of toys is a very difficult thing. What's more, getting chased perturbation feeling, the more it comes gripped and burning. However, that struggle against feelings. Just feelings and oneself an enemy, what a shame that we lost too early. Given this golden age it's best used as soon as possible should the digging of the earth ilmu. awards, we humans can be beaten any time soon. No matter whoever we are. Even if we learned even really know that the present is nothing but fraud, but we can fall down in defeat that we own actually such, what will save other faith, devotion and perseverance?

 By: Ahmad Fadl bin Shaari** He was assistant lecturer at the International Islamic College Sultan Ismail Petra (Kias)

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