Sabtu, Mei 18, 2013

POst For me

Hi and Assalamualaikum wrt
Good night Everyone ...
this day I want to tell you something very valuable .. previously ana apologized for not always right to update this blog .. ana not busy just like to write Something like person who you love?? haha ... not to forget about the fact that the purpose of ana.

ana want to write events throughout unclaimable ana ana .. 2 days ago went to the cold state (its cameron land) go only to their own ana friend to take her SPM certificate and return home


ana all together

GOD gave all kinds of motivation to be ana

! Old one is starving (for me so thankful heart)
2 a child is constrained culture around
3 five girls who do not know what it is aurat?? (not those only who do not know)

but ana hope for me writing this and you reading ...

                                                                   happy reading