Tunjukkan catatan dari September 20, 2015

Crush loving someone

Hello and assalamualaikum cinta..kehkeh..anyway,after along time,first day i update this blog,mabye i`m busy, la.

i`m just hide my self without all friend,belog and social comunity but how long despier like that.

okey...for this update,mabye note for me,

how control love some one? *face little baby*


meaning of crush (i reseacrh from and found many mean about this problem.

couple is haram- syadid,control maco,and what ever done.eksrimis
and other call boleh, tak haram pun.there are hero or superman or catwomen huh penyelamat dunia mabye,

who got a thrill when the favorite vices during the presumed illegal but can and enabled. Which must justify the unlawful'll be your hero.

Crush = Like an overused.
Crush not the same as interest.

Interest, like = Like someone not excessive, it's nature. Noticed like controlled by faith in the soul. A love that is supplied to the halal.

I am a person who never crush, I know how it feels when the air crush. She imagined, homesick,…