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❝ Someone Like U ❞

Jumaat, Februari 15, 2013 | Februari 15, 2013 | 2 Lovers
Today i Was Very 

whenever Allah gave grace ... Just test is FOR you
whenever blessing is in his pull was solemnly .... Love him....

ye Is Love ..woi ai ni ALLAH ...

Heard a   song Heaven love letter ... masyaALLAH feel attracted very strongly ...
it gave me fall in love with him ​​... it smells heavenly true love ... in him various highlights for me .. I really have fallen in love ... heart hurt .. him verse word whispered to me .. .

"My prayer is to be
  I listened to you! "

Spirit of enthusiasm to write, I wanted to write a story about him love on me .. on you .. all
may ALLAH bless us. amin yes Rabb ..

I actually got a very wonderful topic,,, but I can not afford to write him ... I want to finish other tasks ...

Prayer for ye my friends
   sincerely to you all

2 Ulasan posted :

Anonymous Encik Hati berkata...15 Februari 2013 11:25 PTG

keep it up dear will gonna be full of surprises...loves...hopes...and tests from Allah...may u have de strength to pull out de we need to walk in a long journey to jannah, in syaa Allah

Anonymous Aisyah Humaira berkata...3 Mac 2013 7:40 PTG

amin :)thank you comment
may ALLAH bless You