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Whoever improving relationship with God,He will improve the relationship with man.And whoever improve afterlife matters,He will improve the world matters.

At the moment of weary burdened themselves to withstand the pain, certainly at the time it is not true that coveted healing.
At the moment myself stumbling on the path of failure, certainly at the time it is not a real success & fame you seek.
At the moment of self-confidence lost causes and about to fly to the mooring in storm waves and turbulence scaling test him, indeed it is not wealth and absolute money desired.
It's okay if there is no hope anymore moment of pain is enough to glance because if prayer and encouragement never gave them a beloved continue to be channeled through the strength of oxygen.
It's okay if still a long way to arrive at the destination of success after stumbling collapsed on the track because it is sufficient if the failure of prayer, motivation and encouragement that never dim from their loved one continues to be broadcast through the lamp light intensity.
I'm not a nobody. Certainly I am a sinner. Sinner sometimes be dihulu & sometimes are downstream lake on the boat headed to a real destination for addictive love & affection from him.I'm not a writer capable & have talent even if tapped-lever by the lecturers to peel the latest issues well ..
My brothers in Palestine Gaza thereTheir emotional pressed repeatedly,the unlearned young man repeatedly tortured my mother,small children were killed without mercy,seusiaku teens raped instead of once,the warriors of the same age without a father & brother suspicions fought ferociously to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque and destroy the Zionist laknatullah with their own hands.
My situation is the same here as brothers in Gaza there.They repeatedly attacked by the Zionists and the dead called martyrs. They tested. Just as we have here, is still being tested. But we here tested with harmony, excitement, entertainment, peace, comfort, luxury and wealth abound. We lie down on a mattress cushy comfort zone that empukkah?Every time advertisements displaying advertisements, I bermonolog little instinct alone. There is a bit of a sense of aggrieved birth suddenly without being asked. Enough donations & help me make my brother there is not as big as tiny piece. Ladybird tiny piece may not even reach. Awry not know what to say. What ailed me, I can only pray & boycott, boycott my best.
I remembered, this verse as I can quote from the television. Remember, remember the forgotten reason to consume inconsistent dates & raisins."Malaysia is a peaceful country & multi-ethnic peace. There is no bloodshed and no war. "Some have said,
"Thank God. Malaysia is free from war. "
Aah, I admit. It conveyed the message that the law does not fall makrooh or haram. I never said one. Not one single for publicized on television, newspapers, radio mike. But, what if the message delivered handsome one with an atmosphere infused & conditions of our brothers there, the spirit never dies do they steadily grown in prayer we are here so that they do not have seasonal.
Ye. I disagreed. Gaza is not a seasonal issue. Gaza issue is not as cold as winter, spring is not as beautiful, not as beautiful storybook non sebahang autumn & summer. We are down here, flick the switch when the fan start to sweat. There they did not have time to wipe the sweat already busy reason triggering the gun, grenades & machine gun against the enemy.Gaza issue our issue.

Dig and plant a deep sense of emphathy & sympathy within myself. Let us imagine our country Malaysia was once peaceful, harmonious, tranquil & beautiful now attacked the enemy. No more stately building sky-scraping claws. No more beautiful mansions that adorn the developed cities. No more expensive cars menggelosor occupies space on the highway. No more field recording oftentimes cantikyang joy & laughter hilaian our sisters. Everything was in the hands of the enemy.
They raped our age. They are as old as our father was killed. They are as old as our parents were oppressed. They are as old sister & brother we mistreated. Everything is happening before our eyes. Can we?At the moment, we are in desperate need of prayer & aid from the neighboring countries seakidah with us. But what we hear & publicized in their country of our neighbors just ..
"We're safe. Free our country from colonial rule. Our country clean of bloodshed & war. "
this we want to hear we need a moment of our very moment of need we tested? Not mean to say that we have no direct effort but still more attractive if the sense of empathy & sympathy Towards our brothers & sisters had sown & grown no-stop entertainment broadcast not bring any benefit whatsoever. Damaging thoughts sisters, our children again were.
Not what. Not trying to condemn. Fear forget the peace & prosperity we test here. I'm not the only sinner & but I also forgetful. That's why I've never been able to 100% in the math paper, psychology paper even history itself. For what? Yee. For I am a forgetful. Reminded once again that I am a sinner & forgetful.
We humans are weak in need of encouragement, support, motivation & enthusiasm from those we love & trust. Not once in a lifetime, but a lifetime. That's what I mean. During that time, not real property & absolute priority. But the spirit that never dies & non-seasonal.
Like me. At the moment I'm drowning lost causes, sinking to find direction, falling fail fall, pain has no cure, not the material I'm looking for. But, the words of the spirit of those I love to be the catalyst themselves. Prayer, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and encouragement is like a drug to be injected regularly in me. Once injected, lost the bitterness even standing contributor of energy to continue to fall & comma in grief even weakness. The difference, it is not illegal drug often taken by drug addicts in Malaysia now ..
I have time to pick a piece of words teenage Palestinian children from an article, written by Nurul Jom Magazine 'Ain Mohd Lotphi:
"Our hope is only one. Pray for us here. We miss our brothers and sisters in Islam. Enough prayer you become our strength. And here we will deliver on our trust, struggling to liberate the al-Aqsa & Palestine. I pray also become martyrs like my father. "
Palestinian child's father was martyred as a result of military trucks are hit Israel before he & his mother ..A relationship will not be able to be maintained if one leaves the other person when he or she requires. Sincere heart to pray for each other & help each other.

Congratulations & thank God to have successful television & work semampu tuck them in, exhibits, displays & led missionary elements, the values ​​of Islam, the sunnah of the Prophet even in entertainment shows. May God bless & protect those who every day thinking & working for the good & well being of Muslims.[Al-'Asr: 1-3]
Electronic media sangatttt influential for us-we, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, even children who know juge for livestock.Misuse, dying generation. Not physically but dead dead heart ..
"And Muslims are billions in number but the thing is That there is no concern."

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