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❝ Someone Like U ❞

Sabtu, Ogos 03, 2013 | Ogos 03, 2013 | 0 Lovers

Among the topics are often shared - make choices about matchmaking.
It feels more difficult choice as both candidates look good and have their respective advantages.
iluvislam, matchmaking, love
Also known to have their own drawbacks, which makes us very cautious mixed anxious to make a choice.
Friends and dear brothers, take the time necessary to Ta'aruf and develop communication either direct or through intermediaries.
It is important we as a human effort to investigate, investigate, interrogate surveys and other forms of information and background search people we tend to accept it as a life partner.
Not looking for perfection, not to dig up the shame of others - but our investigation and observation to potential companion is important preparation.
It was an eye opener for us to build a home with the chest open and ready with the possibility of it.
We encourage our research, we musyawarahkan with mom and dad or the people that trust and knowledge. We are not asking others to make decisions, but their views will be extra 'eyes and ears' for us to choose your spouse carefully.
If later we have to decide whether the A or the B, there are important things for ourselves focused and do.
Do not play with feelings of doubt ...
Will this man happy my future?
Does this guy will be a good leader for me?
Ikhlaskah sincere love will love me?
Does this guy will respect and menghargaiku later as a wife?
How soon will he melayaniku as a wife, would mannered and good is the character?
Is this man the future will be to adapt and do well with family members?
Is this heart will be happy to be his second wife, was involved with polygamy?
Indeed, these questions are important not for the husband she would, but take advantage of this issue to repair ourselves in being a wife.
If the answer is not as we expect and hope, anytime soon would nature wedding invite lingering frustration and anxieties.
Instead, let's ask ourselves ...
O self, does this character like myself, would be happy heart of a husband?
Does this make my character my husband calm and happy with myself as a person / wife headed?
   sincere love my husband as God, patient and wise with a thousand of the weaknesses?
Can my future husband's respect for the decisions and actions as a leader, although it varies with the needs and feel my heart?
Could be my wife feel pretty (qanaah) and appreciate the gifts and sincere good husband?
Later did myself able to choose a wife full of moral piety at heart dicuit dissatisfaction and anger any grief?
Should be how to adapt to me later if the mother-in-law and father-laws are incompatible ways of life and their thoughts with me?
Had me be the second or third wife, the contribution and Perananku to add happiness husband and family of existing?
Well .. together let us answer this question, and change for the better.
Yes, we are afraid of making the wrong decision to choose the wedding, but trust in God along with those who do good, which always make change for the good.
Attitude, the characters themselves, and of Islam in our own God-willing, will soon bring an enormous influence on her husband and family.
marriage, iluvislam, matchmaking, love
Today, the effort to choose the husband who believe, do not overdo it about the future that we have no control.
Good wife, not necessarily a good husband, because marriage is a test chamber, a life partner we can be as tough test in this short life.
Husband will change - sooner or later, but we hope the nature and full of attitude values ​​are able to invite good husband and children change to the way the beloved god.
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