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❝ Someone Like U ❞

Sabtu, Ogos 03, 2013 | Ogos 03, 2013 | 0 Lovers
"I was very loved. But I had to 'clash' with him .. "
"Why is that?"
"Because I always remember him until I always forget God."
"Pergh .. terbaiklah bro! Thank God .. "
Lucky can one lover like. Imagine .. Certainly he was able to feel the love of God so that handlers are willing to part ways with the man who always loved the wrong way.
Yes .. so .. choose to separate because God is very wise decision. That's actually a choice of faith. When you realize yourself often stuck with sin when ber'couple ', have faith in yourself will surely rebuke. Very best people who are willing to accept criticism from the faith.
Hurry-hurry receive admonition faith in faith before the lust took over.
Indeed best. That decision brings benefits for himself and his girlfriend. Fuck. But you make the decision to not ber'couple '. After the decision was made, will be reduced or no further episodes hold hands, touch-touch, bermanja-pampering, a waste of time together, leave a prayer together, and so forth are not supposed to happen before the wedding. Each is protected from evil and sin.
It was then that 'love each other' name. Want holding hands to heaven or to hell? No one wanted to be with to Hell right? But who really want to be up to heaven?
Sometimes we feel pleasure ber'couple was too beautiful. Then we like. But in fact it is only conjecture. Toys lust. Direct to the point, ber'couple '(before marriage) is not good for us. That is why God allows the occurrence of 'loss' or separation. Because 'lost' or separation that we do not like that is actually good for us.
Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said;
"It may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for kamu.Allah knows, while you do not know." (Surah al-Baqarah, verse 216)
"Let him lose the sake of Allah. Do we lose God because the he. "
Let us ... not necessarily reflect our spouse is our husband or our wife. We 'bercouple' like going to the rack, every night hanging with baby voice without us noticing, met the morning berkepit upstream and downstream without the guilt, all that beauty is only temporary.
If we couple that was destined to be our spouse, we always enjoy the beauty of the phase before marriage increasingly bleak. In the past, almost every day meet, but who is at the wedding of view even be tired. All the natural beauty of marriage should also be enjoyed in the phase already felt bland because before the contract was ratified. No more surprises or 'suprise' a joy because almost all we have ingested and become normal to us.
In conclusion, we submit to God's heart is. Keep a sense of merely just for God's sake. Let God find a heart that loves God with a heart to another, where the heart is also to love God. Rest assured, if we decorate this heart with love of God, love of the show was definitely always in bloom and fade. Even love is sure to remain always as pledges are also a substance that is Eternal.

David Prayer Practice

Let us appreciate and practice of this prayer. May the prayers of David As this gives us spirit and steadfast in God mencinta our heartfelt than love to His creatures.
"O God, give me the feeling of love for you, and love to those who love You, and whatever brings me close to love you. Make thy love I appreciate it more than cold water to the thirsty, O Allaah, I seek thy love, and love of those who love thee and love that I can get closer to your love,
O God, Thou hast anything to me from what I love, then make it the strength of love for me what You love. And whatever thou removed from what I love, then make it the pleasure for me in Thy love what love, O Allah, make Your love most things I love from my love to my family, hartaku and cold water when thirsty.
O Allah, make me love Thee, Thy loving angel, messenger and servant Thy righteousness, O God, live then my heart with Thy love, and make me for thy love like that which Thou, O God, make me love you with all my love and all usahaku for thy pleasure. "
(Hadith narrated by At-Tarmizi)


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